Home Technology 2.5 millionth Autoconer unit by Schlafhorst

2.5 millionth Autoconer unit by Schlafhorst

Schlafhorst's Autoconer Unit

Germany’s leading textile machinery firm, Schlafhorst, has announced that its 2.5-millionth Autoconer winding unit is not in operation. The machine is another successful addition in the history of Schlafhorst. Schlafhorst is determinant for more than 50 years to enhance the techniques and technology in package winding by the help of Autoconer.

Schlafhorst presented the 2.5-millionth milestone winding unit to the Indian textile company Kanchan India Ltd at the India ITME 2016. The era of automatic packaging began with the production of Autoconer, on a large scale, in 1962. Prior three years, at ITMA in Milan in 1959, the amazing concept of the Autoconer sparked enthusiasm among the experts in the textile industry. Since then, the name Autoconer has been the synonym for automatic package winding, making it a benchmark today.  

The Autoconer has a long history with a number of groundbreaking inventions; each has helped in its own way, the customers to get corporate benefits. Every new product has exceeded the market expectations in terms of technology and efficiency. The manufacturers are focused on maximum productivity, the greatest possible energy efficiency and the absolute best quality are possible, practically at the touch of a button.


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