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24% of french women are fashion freaks: Study


A good quarter of all French women buy at least two to three times a month clothing and accessories. For 57% of these “fashionistas” Fashion is very important significantly more than for the average customer (38%). Women buy spontaneous fashion stuff and pays up to 107 euros per month instead of 63 euros more for an average buyer.


In a study conducted by the leading market research institute Ifop for the French federation Fédération Française du womenswear Prêt à Porter Feminin. Surprisingly it seems that an average of 45% and even more than half of 24 year olds believe that fashion trends are launched by Celebrities before the media and designers.


Accessories (24%) are, according to the study Jeans (22%) and clothes (9%) are the favorite parts in the closet. Shoes are (38%) rated much more important than bags (19%) and jewelery (17%).


The monthly budget for fall fashion decreases according to the survey with age. The agegroups of 15 to 25 year and the 35 to 44 year spend 72 euros a month, while the purchase amounts fall in the over-45s and over-55s to below 60 euros.


After all, almost half of French consumers agreed to be faithful to certain brands. Bigger is brand loyalty among the under 35 years (55%). Nearly a quarter buys most like in retail stores, however, depending on the age at 20% to 30% inspired by the internet and looking at blogs (27%). Three quarters of French women know exactly what they want, 20% rely on the advice of family and friends and only 4% can be influenced by a saleswoman.


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