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3D printing for textiles


Fashion designer Frances Murphy, an ambassador for CREATE Education and technology partner, Ultimaker, has used 3D print technology to interpret traditional textile structures and experiment with materials, such as silk, to develop different and new aesthetic print techniques.

Within the wider context of 3D printing, Frances is examining the use of bioplastic and cellulose based materials and how these can be used to develop 3D printed textiles. Collaborating with practitioners who are developing recycled materials such as nylon, TPU, PLA for 3D printers, Frances aims to get consumers thinking about what they are purchasing, and how much goes into the making process.

Frances is able to connect to the online desktop 3D printing community, providing a platform for her to educate consumers on her processes, and allowing her to analyse how the community is engaging with her 3D printed textile ideas. With the ability to contribute to the evolution of additive manufacturing.


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