Home News A new production facility of BRÜCKNER in Bavaria

A new production facility of BRÜCKNER in Bavaria


A new production facility of Brückner has officially opened in Bavaria. This new plant was in plan since 2014 due to increased demand of machines. The new facility with 25,000 m² of production space will meet the high expectations of customers. The facility provides great potential of producing components with a height of 12 meters and a working width of 8.80 meters. Brückner now will be able to manufacture and supply even larger machines as compared to before because of a large number of new and highly automated processing machines.

Ms Regina Brückner in her speech explained the advantages of new plant and details of highly automated and efficiently organized production which includes the additional welding robots and the new highlight of the plant, the new modern CNC machine tools and the highly automated powder coating and wet coating system. She emphasized that the installation and commissioning times can be further reduced thanks to the signifi-cantly improved lifting, transport and assembly options.

The former German Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer emphasized in his speech the importance of the manufac-turing industry in Germany and congratulated Brückner for the new plant and its outstanding performance over the years along with being compliant with sustainability and eco-friendly standards.

The celebrations were preceded by a BRÜCKNER agency conference in which more than 90 Brückner repre-sentatives worldwide were informed and trained about new technical developments.


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