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Bangladesh’s negative policy compels Pakistanis to shift textile units back to country


Pakistanis are shifting their textile units back to the country in the wake of Bangladeshi government’s ‘negative’ and `biased’ policies that triggered insecurity among the investors. The political turmoil that culminated in hatred against Pakistan largely caused worrisome to the investors who had relocated their units from Karachi or other cities of the country to Dhaka.

“Bangladeshi government also blamed Pakistan for overplaying the collapse of a textile factory building in Dhaka at global markets,” said Chief Co-ordinator Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (Prgmea), Ijaz A. Khokhar. Pakistani investors found the Bangladeshi government’s policies ‘hostile’ and its bureaucracy difficult to deal with since the political tension gripped the nation after trials and punishment of political leaders.

The entire atmosphere changed there against the Pakistani investors and Bangladeshi government singled out Pakistan for all faults including the factory collapse despite its friend -India had aggressively propagated on the tragedy along with EU.

It is now an established fact that the new investors have scarped their plans to set up units in Bangladesh after its government stepped up a drive against Pakistan, he said, adding that “a number of investors relocated their units back home”. He said a majority of units that Pakistan investors had set up were from home textile sector, who were in a search for duty-free access that Dhaka provided for its being Least Developed Country (LDC) in the EU. “Now GSP-Plus provides the same facility for local exporters, upstaging the Bangladeshi factor that attracted many to return after political turmoil in Bangladesh,” he said


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