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ACIMIT – complete textile solutions to boost economic growth


Mr Alessandro Zucchi, President ACIMIT said, “We need to consolidate the dialogue with schools making sure that our needs are met in professional terms, created by the new digital context and the ensuing opportunities young people can seize upon in sectors such as textile machinery production, in which Italy plays a pre-eminent role in providing excellence worldwide.”

He stressed on the significance of industry 4.0 and that the whole process requires skill sets and training solutions. He further highlighted that the trade association needs to strengthen industry university linkages and the technology suppliers and textile manufacturers should partner to be able to grow in fast fashion and e-commerce retail channels.

At the general meeting, Prof. Fortis, Vice President of the Edison Foundation, illustrated Italy’s global leadership within the textile machinery industry, both in terms of exports and trade balance.

In 2017, production benefitted from a growing demand of Italian machinery by 8%, for a value of 2.4 billion euros, while exports grew by 7% (2 billion euros).



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