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An Interview with Mr. Bruno Caffieri, Sales Manager- Picanol nv, Belgium


Picanol develops, produces and markets high-tech weaving machines, based on air (airjet) or rapier technology. Picanol has been playing a pioneering role as both a developer and manufacturer of highly productive weaving machines since 1936. Picanol supplies weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide and also offer such services as installation, commissioning & trouble shooting, aftermarket sales (spare parts, accessories) and training. Today, about 2,600 weaving mills around the world use Picanol machinery, totaling more than 175,000 weaving machines.

TEXtalks interviewed Mr Bruno Caffieri, Sales Manager – Picanol nv, Belgium at Igatex 2018, Lahore Pakistan.

TEXtalks: Which products Picanol is mainly dealing with?
Mr Bruno Caffieri: Picanol is a Belgium company which manufactures weaving machines. It is an 80 years old company. Picanol produces two main technologies of weaving which is airjet and rapier. We are here in Pakistan since many years now and have developed a good market. Picanol is the largest weaving machine manufacturer in the world and delivers more than 11500 machines each year.

TEXtalks: What are the main products of Picanol for Pakistani market?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Pakistan is an airjet market. 75% of the machines imported to Pakistan are airjet machines but the market for Rapier is also growing gradually. Picanol provides the best of both technologies, be it airjet or rapier. Our main purpose is to personally interact with our customers, consider their needs, wants and demands and then present the best possible solution for maximum customer satisfaction.

TEXtalks: How does Picanol see sustainability?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Globally, for Picanol and for the customers sustainability is a must. Especially in Europe we are very careful in regards to comply with the benchmark sustainability standards and Picanol has been complying since many years now and will always keep doing it.

TEXtalks: What does industry 4.0 mean to Picanol?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Industry 4.0 is as significant for Picanol as it is for the customers. Companies are digitalizing and it is a process that has been developing over the years and now is a major demand for smart working and transparency. Big textile groups demand industry 4.0 from the supplier and if the supplier is unable to provide, the supplier automatically becomes a second choice.

TEXtalks: Any upcoming innovative products from Picanol?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Picanol has a huge investment in research and development. It has 100 research engineers working on innovation, to design for the future. The number of patents coming from Picanol is the largest in weaving manufacturing since decades and it will remain so.

TEXtalks: How has the response from the visitors been so far at the exhibition?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Over the years Pakistan has been in a very crucial and difficult situation considering the devaluation of rupees. Exports can be beneficial in this situation but imports can be just as difficult since buyers hesitate while investing since machines or spare parts become expensive because of the rupees devaluation. But, over the past few months we can see light in the tunnel as the customers are now returning with confidence and want to invest since textile industry has a high rate of return and also a high contribution in Pakistan economy.

TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for Picanol products?
Mr Bruno Caffieri:
Since many years now for Picanol Pakistan has been in the top 5 countries to which we are fully committed. We have two agencies representing Picanol in Pakistan in Lahore and Karachi and our own service department. Mr Clinton from South Africa here is our partner who is responsible for maintaining a good team of engineers. Picanol is getting big orders from Pakistan now so it is time for Picanol to do something more for this market.


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