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Archroma acquires M. Dohmen


Archroma has announced that it has acquired all remaining minority shares in M. Dohmen S.A. Since its withdrawal from Clariant, Archroma is set to become the industry leader in supplying innovative industry solutions with promoting sustainability. First such move was made in 2015 with the textile acquisition of BASF.

In 2014, Archroma first acquired capital of M. Dohmen S.A. with 49% shares followed by an additional acquisition of 26% share in 2017. Now in 2018, it has completed acquisition of remaining 25% shares.

Archroma is already supplying customers with combined product portfolio and both company product portfolios complement each other in the area of dyes and chemicals for synthetic fiber and wool.

Archroma will now integrate M. Dohmen completely into its organization.

Mr Marcos Furrer, President Brand & Performance Textile Specialties and Innovation at Archroma commented, “With this final step in the acquisition of M. Dohmen, customers of both companies will now have access to even more products and solutions that work in their processes and markets, supported by Archroma’s leadership towards quality, innovation and sustainability.”


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