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Archroma to showcase sustainable denim solutions at DenimsandJeans Vietnam 2018

New aniline-free Denisol® Pure Indigo 30.

In june at DenimsandJeans Vietnam 2018, Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals will present its innovative and sustainable denim solutions for brands and manufacturers.

Visitors will be discovering the following in particular:

Denisol®, indigo – now aniline-free
Archroma’s Denisol® is a developed pre-reduced liquid indigo solution range manufactured in Pakistan in ‘zero liquid discharge’ manufacturing plant. It is a response to non-toxic alternative dyes demand. Denisol® Indigo 30 liquid is in compliance with official eco-standards and produces fabrics suitable for current eco-labeling such as GOTS and bluesign®.

Advanced denim, towards waterless denim dyeing
One pair of jeans is said to use 11’000 liters of water and monthly approximately 167 million pairs of jeans are produced. Archroma’s multi-awarded ADVANCED DENIM, based on the dyeing processes of Denim-Ox and Pad/Sizing-Ox, dyeing technology saves up to 92% in water, 87% in cotton waste and 30% in energy.

With Optisul® C soft color dyes, denim manufacturers will be able to expand their color horizons with a range of six dyes. These are affinity-free and sulfide-free dyes.

Archroma’s Diresul® RDT Ocean Blues are a collection of ocean-themed, vibrant and bright sulfur blue dyes.

Diresul® black and greys allow creating a universe of greys and deep black and navies.

Earthcolors, traceable from nature to fashion
Brands are now interested in environmental impact of the denim industry. The patented range of earth colors “biosynthetic” dyes for cellulose and cotton based fabrics, made from waste left over by the agricultural and herbal industry after extraction, like almond shells, rosemary leaves or saw palmetto. The latest technology of NFC is used on the end-product hangtags which enables transparency and traceability through the supply chain to consumers.The earth colors allow production of earth tones that are coming strong: red, brown and green colors.

Solution packages for sustainability
Archroma recent launch ONE WAY Process Simulator, a calculation tool that supports one way Sustainability Service. The online software can be used to calculate the economic and ecological profile of the final end-product. Archroma’s portfolio of ZDHC MRSL-compliant chemicals and dyes is integrated into the ONE WAY calculation tool since 2013.


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