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BASF introduces pigment printing system for sensitive textile applications

  • Pigment printing system with “zero add-on” formaldehyde is the latest innovation in the textile industry complying with strict consumer safety regulations
  • Designed for sensitive applications including infant clothing
  • Enables significant reductions in water and energy consumption compared to conventional reactive printing system


BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has introduced Helizarin® EcoSafe, a “zero add-on” formaldehyde pigment printing system. BASF’s latest innovation is setting a new benchmark with regard to safety standards. As such, Helizarin® EcoSafe is particularly suitable for sensitive textile applications such as infant and baby clothing.


“A benchmark printing solution, Helizarin® Ecosafe ‘zero add-on’ formaldehyde pigment printing system offers the highest level of consumer safety available in the market today. It complies with the strict Japanese Law 112, which requires non-detectable limits of formaldehyde for infant clothing,” said Lütfü Okman, Vice President, Global Business Management Textile Chemicals, BASF South East Asia Pte. Ltd.


Helizarin® EcoSafe offers ‘zero add-on’ formaldehyde and soft handle combined with key advantages of a pigment printing system over a conventional reactive printing process:  water and energy can be significantly reduced by eliminating the after-washing process as well as the subsequent drying process. This results in shorter overall processing time and reduced cost.


Helizarin® EcoSafe pigment printing system is part of BASF’s innovative range of sustainable solutions for the textile industry developed with new technologies that contribute to consumer safety, resource saving and environment protection. This innovative system includes the following:

  1. Helizarin® Binder CS
  2. Luprintol® Booster ZAF
  3. Lutexal® Thickener GP Eco



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