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Benefiting ginners by reducing insurance charges- PCGA

Pakistan Cotton Ginners’ Association

Pakistan textile industry is facing some serious challenges in maintaining these position in the international market. Textile associations and relevant companies are working individually to support the industry and boost production and exports.

Recently the insurance companies in Pakistan have agreed to the reduction of the insurance charges for the ginners and later dealing with textile mills to eliminate the discrimination on the premium rate for the textile millers and the ginners.

The announcement was made by the chairperson of Pakistan Cotton Ginner Association, Dr. Jasso Mal, while addressing a meeting. He further said that the Punjab agriculture department had increased the fee for cotton to 100% and this is completely unjustified.

The PCGA once again demanded the government to sort out the matter of unjustified electricity tariffs at Rs.5/unit for the cotton ginners. At the same time, they demanded a throughout ban on the imports of cotton till the complete consumption of locally available cotton.  

Dr. Mall also said that the government is contributing about 20% of funds in the up gradation of the ginning industry. However, the association is trying its best to increase the government share up to 50%. At the same time, it was said that the APTMA has agreed to import only 0.5milion bales of cotton instead of 1.5million. The PCGA members also appreciated the services rendered by Dr. Jasso for the betterment of the ginning sector.



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