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Twice the power! Biancalani AIRO 24 TANDEM


The success of AIRO 24 tumbler in the application to the terry towel sector has been striking. The results obtained with the terry towel are great: the loop is perfectly raised on both sides of the terry cloth thanks to the action of the air that continuously crosses it (cross effect) and the alternating flapping. With the TANDEM version the performance of the AIRO 24 machine is instantly doubled, with a high level of appreciation from the end users in every country where terry towel is an important industry. The volume reaches its maximum levels and also the softness is unmistakable and typical of the AIRO 24 treatment.

This Italian machine, with its sustainable treatment, reaches its highest levels of appreciation from customers also in the sectors of clothing, home furnishings and home textiles.

Biancalani AIRO24 TANDEM

But it is in the terry towel treatment that the AIRO  24 TANDEM offers the doubling of production: the most important producers of this textile can confirm the results of great satisfaction that offers this machine, sustainable and very performing.

For more information visit www.biancalani.com to ask anytime to the Biancalani.

For the discussion, meet Biancalani team at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 exhibition in Shanghai at stand – H6 | C40.


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