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Biodegradable, sustainable Lyocell fibers for aquatic cultivation


For integrated aquaculture different cultivation approaches have been adopted according to the species and environmental conditions. Most likely synthetic materials have been used to manufacture the nets and ropes for marine organisms like mussels, molluscs and seaweeds etc.

These synthetic materials are responsible for about 80% of the marine pollution and are hazardous not only for aquatic but also for the human life because they are taking in these plastic micro-particles as food.

To resolve this issue © Lenzing Group, a leader in specialty fibers, in collaboration with two major partners, Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. (STFI) and FIUM GmbH & Co. KG – Institut für Fisch & Umwelt (FIUM) introduced Lyocell fibers at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankurt (May 2019), based on sustainable and biodegradable wood material, to construct the nets and ropes for  aquaculture cultivation reducing the plastic pollution in marine environment, without compromising the mechanical strength of products.


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