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British textile machinery association ready for ITMA 2019

Alan Little. Director. BTMA  

“To be a good innovator you need to be confident of your ability to make a significant leap and get it right – first time if possible, but certainly to respond very quickly. BTMA member companies have that confidence because they’re used to being leaders in technological development across a wide spread of areas in textile production.

Among the many strengths of Britain’s textile machinery manufacturers is their focus on innovation and the future. BTMA helps textile manufacturers anywhere in the world to find expert UK companies that can meet their production or processing technology requirements. BTMA supports and represents member companies at major international exhibitions and industry events and promotes the interests of member companies at government level as well.

Mr Alan Little, Director, BTMA says, “BTMA member companies are good at strong and productive partnerships. That’s why we urge every textile manufacturer to use this website to team up with UK textile machinery specialists to improve their performance, quality and competitiveness.”

BTMA will be participating at the upcoming ITMA which will be held from June 20-26, 2019 in Barcelona at Fira De Barcelona, Gran Via. Their stand can be visited at Booth B1617. Some of the BTMA members exhibiting at ITMA 2019 are as follows:

James Heal – Accurate and reliable materials testing
James Heal has announced the launch of a new collection of precision testing instruments at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. The new products cover several essential testing criteria, and always in an improved and innovative way:

James Heal’s AquAbrasion

AquAbrasion (a class-leading hybrid Martindale, which allows users to perform controlled wet abrasion testing for the first time; ideal for outdoor wear and textiles expected to perform when wet or damp), TruRain (the definitive water repellency tester, allowing users to test for this in a tightly controlled and repeatable way, with the test closely replicating real life conditions), ProDry (provides unparalleled insight into evaporation, and how garments such as active-wear or athleisure products will dry if damp through rain or sweat) and WickView (a state-of-the-art instrument that uses an advanced imaging system to track and record the transfer of moisture through a garment, helping understand its effectiveness at moisture management and wicking behavior). Their stand can be visited in Hall UL Booth C201.

Q-LAB EUROPE – Focused testing equipment
Q-Lab Corporation provides quality testing equipment and services that are used to predict the resistance of materials to indoor or outdoor weathering and light damage. Q-Lab is committed to providing the latest testing technologies through its locations in the US, Europe and China, as well as its global network of representatives. The stand can be visited in Hall UL Booth D112.

LJ Specialities – Dyes, chemicals and functional finishes
They supply a wide range of dyestuffs, chemicals and functional finishes. Micro encapsulation technology is used to satisfy reliability performance and wash durability demands and offer products which give the following properties:
– Insect Repellence
– Thermoregulation
– Cooling Finishes
– Color change – fully reversible by HEAT, MOISTURE or UV
– Fragrance
– Skin Care via moisturizing and vitamins
Additional non encapsulated functional finishes are our extensive range of FLAME RETARDANTS – ITOFLAM series and Natural Anti Odor products. Their stand can be visited in Hall 3 Booth D114.

AVA CAD/CAM – Enhanced textile printing
AVA’s computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software solutions are primarily aimed at the printed decorative, textile, fashion, flooring, wallpaper, table-top and education industries. Their stand can be visited in Hall 3 Booth B112.

Fibrescan Limited – Narrow fabric Inspection
Fibrescan has been designing and manufacturing automated inspection equipment for the narrow fabric industry. Getting automated textile inspection right is difficult. That’s why Fibrescan does inspection machines as its core activity. Their stand can be visited in Hall 2 Booth B112.

SDC Enterprises – Safeguarding before manufacturing takes place
Premium color fastness testing consumables for use in BS, EN and ISO test procedures are manufactured by SDC Enterprises. Their stand can be visited in Hall UL Booth D103.

The Textile institute – Professional body for global textiles
The Textile Institute (TI) is unique in being the only professional body for those working in any sector of the global textiles, clothing and footwear industries. Its primary aims are to set professional standards and to promote the advancement of knowledge within these industries. The stand can be visited in Hall UL Booth D215.


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