Home Economics Budget 2018-19: Government allocated funds for textile schemes

Budget 2018-19: Government allocated funds for textile schemes


Rs.1500 million has been allotted by the government to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2018-19 for the progress of exports, to develop and promote the fashion industry and to attract the foreign and local investment in the sector.

In Karachi for the establishment of a sub-campus and in Lahore for the student provisions, faculty hostel and transport facilities Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design have been allocated Rs.100 million each. Rs.500 million has been designated to Karachi expo center for renovation and expansion and Rs.700 million for establishing an expo center in Peshawar.

Rs. 280.437 million has been allocated to the textile sector for two ongoing and two new schemes. For the establishment of one thousand industrial stitching units and Faisalabad garment city training projects, the government intends to spend Rs.154 million and Rs.18 million respectively, while on the contrary Rs.58 million will be spent on standardization system of the production of high quality clean cotton.


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