Home News China shows interest in importing Pakistani lint

China shows interest in importing Pakistani lint


Chinese have expressed their interest in importing sizeable quantity of Pakistani lint. Besides low contamination they are demanding 4% trash and 7% moisture in lint. If they farmers succeed in producing the required lint Chinese are expected to import huge quantity from Pakistan but the chances to meet the estimated production with the demanded quality are bleak since the trash and moisture ratio of Pakistani lint are 9%.

Since Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh are importing cheap quality Pakistani lint the chances of a competition between exporters of low quality lint and local spinners will increase. It can increase prices at cotton market New York up to 100 cents from 54 cents due to which Indian exporters will not hesitate to cancel deals of about 0.5 million cotton bales.

The price of 40 kilogram phutti in Gharo was at Rs 3825, Thatta at Rs 3875, Chohar Jamali at Rs 3850 and Badin at Rs 3800.


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