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China strengthening environmental monitoring efforts to become Green Economy


China is now focusing on green economic development and is hence strengthening its environmental monitoring efforts. Environment protection agencies can order illegal polluters to cease production.

The ministry of environmental protection was renamed the ministry of ecology and environment in 2018. The new environmental protection tax and introduction of regular environmental audits mean that brands and suppliers are now facing more challenges in compliance.

China’s large scale environmental campaign governance presents a challenge for the brand name suppliers. Businesses in China will have to comply and improve environmental supply chain management.

Mr Frank Dorssers, vice president systems, customized services at TUV Rheinland Group said, “Environmental risk develops in a dynamic way. It affects every brand supply chain and is connected to every citizen. TUV Rheinland will do all it can to help Chinese enterprises refine their environmental supply chain management and support the green, orderly, and sustainable development of China’s industrialization.”

TUV Rheinlands new supply chain management tool helps businesses assess external risks. The three dimensions of Environmental Policy Survey, Environmental Performance Assessment and Environmental Characteristics Analysis helps businesses in conducting total reviews and implement environmental management for global suppliers.



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