Home News CREOL introduces use controlled color and pattern changing fabrics

CREOL introduces use controlled color and pattern changing fabrics


CREOL at UCF, University of Central Florida have introduced user controlled color changing fabric, developed by UCF scientists which allows the wearer/user to change the pattern or color of the fabric through their smartphone.

This fabric tech is different from other similar technology fabrics on the market. CREOL’s ChroMorphous technology enables innovative capabilities of user control, pattern change and dynamic color in large woven fabrics as well as sewn textile products.

Each woven thread of fabric incorporates a thin metal micro wire in which an electrical current flows which raises the threads temperature. Embedded pigments in the thread respond to the modified temperature by changing its color.

Using an app the user can control both when the pattern to appear and when the color change happens on the fabric.

Dr Ayman Abouraddy, Professor of Optics & Photonics at UCF said, “Although clothing has been a staple of the human experience for millennia, the basic structure and functionality of textile fibres and yarns have remained unchanged throughout history.” He further added, “The capabilities of electronics constantly increase, and we always expect more from our iPhones, so why haven’t textiles been updated? Can we expect an ever-expanding range of functionalities from our clothing? These were the questions we asked, and the foundation for creating the ChroMorphous technology that we began developing in 2016. We are excited to introduce the industry’s first colour-changing fabric, as we believe it’s the next groundbreaking innovation in fashion and textiles.”


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