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Devan launches two new sustainable technologies: Bio-flam & Odour Breakdown wash-durable


As tradition goes, every two years Devan participates in Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. In the quest for sustainability and transparency every company faces these days, the new Devan technologies offer answers to product developers and portfolio designers.

Some facts & figures: There are at least 5000 fire incidents each day in the EU. Yearly, about 70 000 people are hospitalised with fire-related injuries. Fires cause pollution.

Bio-based FR treatments, like Bio-flam, are made from renewable, vegetable sources and enable the FR treated products to be biodegradable. The active components are 100% halogen- and heavy metal-free.

Bio-flam P307 is the first introduction in the new Devan BIO-FR family, and is biodegradable and is developed to be used on 100% cotton or cotton/viscose mixtures, in order to create an ecological concept, safe for people and planet, whatever might happen.

Bio-flam P 307 is developed for mattress ticking to pass EN 597 1&2. The Devan researchers are developing other bio-based products for other market segments and for other fire standards.

Odour Breakdown wash-durable
Be more sustainable: avoid bad smells without washing. Odour Breakdown, the latest addition to the odour control family of Devan, makes it happen.

Our sweat itself is odourless: it is not until bacteria start to break it down into acids that the bad smells occur. Devan’s Odour Breakdown captures and neutralises these malodours produced by the bacteria. The technology also reduces the adherence of bacteria onto the fabrics: during home laundry cycles the bacteria are easily removed from the fabric.

Bacteria are known to adhere and accumulate on polyester fabrics, but also on cotton and polyamide, bacteria develop and can produce malodours. In these fabric types bacteria are easily washed away, but the malodour can remain in the garment. With Odour Breakdown technology the malodours that can build up in the fabric are captured and neutralized, resulting in a cleaner and fresher garment. The bacteria are easily removed during home laundry even at lower temperature wash cycles.

Odour Breakdown is a wash-durable, non-biocidal odour control solution. Odour Breakdown makes it possible to wash less and at lower temperatures without compromising on comfort and hygiene.


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