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Double needlebar warp knitting for show fabric

Double Needle-bar Warp Knitting
Double Needle-bar Warp Knitting

Sports and leisure shoes are the real trendsetters in the shoe sector, and new materials and designs are being developed all the time. And, according to machine builder Karl Mayer, the innovation cycles are largely influenced by double-bar raschel knitting technology (DR technology).

These double needle bar warp knitting machines produce spacer fabrics that have become firm favorites for manufacturing the footwear worn by sports enthusiasts and fashion-conscious people alike. More and more designs are also being produced, thanks to the use of piezo jacquard technology.

As a result of an in-depth analysis of the requirements of the shoe and sports sectors, Karl Mayer, the leading warp knitting machinery manufacturer, has given new impetus to the trend for multi-coloured effects with its RDJ 5/1 machine, operating in gauge E 24. The machine features a specific technical configuration and the distance between the trick plates is just 2 mm. The distance between the knock-over comb bars can generally be set at between 2 and 8 mm.