Home News EasySail – a fabric of choice for cruising and regattas

EasySail – a fabric of choice for cruising and regattas

EasySail by North Sails of Porcher Industries France

According to North Sails, its A2 asymmetric spinnaker features EasySail 40g white fabric which offers high quality, outstanding dimensional stability and excellent water repellency at twice the current market standard. This fabric is available in various colors and weights, covering a wide range of requirements. It is a fabric of choice for cruising as well as regattas.

Mr Tom Davis of North Sails commented, “Some key attributes we look for in a spinnaker sail cloth are: as low weight as possible to be effective in light winds; strong enough to be tear resistant; a small amount of elasticity is desirable; the fabric must repel water effectively; and it should be able to withstand the elements, retaining its quality for as long as possible. This combination of requirements can be a challenge to balance. With changing technologies and materials, North Sails is committed to continual testing and evaluation of options to ensure our clients get the best value from their sail purchases. It’s great to have feedback from crews trying a variety of fabrics in real-world race scenarios.”

Manufactured by Porcher Industries in France, EasySail fabric is easily available in the United States through BGF Industries Inc. which is a part of the French Group, in 40g and 70g weights and seven colors including red, blue, green, yellow, grey, white and black.



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