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Ecotec cotton gets even smarter

Cotton Gets Smarter
Cotton Gets Smarter

Marchi & Fildi, a leading Italy-based manufacturer of natural, artificial and synthetic fibre yarns, has received the Tessile e Salute certification promoted by the Italian Ministry of Health for its Ecotec smart cotton. Ecotec yarn is made in Italy and produced by an exclusive traceable and certified production process that transforms pre-dyed textile clippings into a 100% cotton yarn with record savings in water and energy consumption, according to the manufacturer.

According to the company, Ecotec is the new generation of smart cotton. Thanks to the exclusive Marchi & Fildi process, the redundant remnants from the fashion system’s garment production are recovered and transformed into Ecotec yarns, making it possible to use less resources while maintaining the quality standards.

Measuring the efficiency of the process, the company says it recorded proven metrics of up to 56.3% reduction on the greenhouse effect, up to 56.6% in energy savings, and up to 77.9% in water consumption throughout the complete process.


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