Home Textile eurolaser presents large textile cutting with live demonstrations at Heimtextil

eurolaser presents large textile cutting with live demonstrations at Heimtextil

high-end laser system L-1200 Conveyor for automated textile processing of eurolaser

By developing the Conveyor solution, the company eurolaser from Lüneburg has revolutionized large-format textile processing. Clean cut edges are required especially for shading systems, individual decorative fabrics, room partitions and other home textiles in large formats. eurolaser is one of the leading suppliers of cutting solutions, offering processing tables up to 3.20 meters in width and length as well as additional modules for multicolour direct printing, labelling and engraving for parallel use.

Interested people can experience the live demonstration of the eurolaser L-1200 Conveyor laser system. By processing the textiles with the laser tool, the cutting edges are sealed and thus prevents fraying. Compared to knife processing, there is no tool wear and the material can be cut without distortion in all directions. The precise roll feed via the feeding unit and the tension-free transport via the conveyor table, which was specially developed for textile processing, ensure maximum result reliability. In addition to the laser cutting, the live demonstration will also focus on the use of optical reconition system, such as fiducial marks, by means of a camera for accurate cuts along the contour of printed materials as well as the label and print module for marking single parts. Highly skilled eurolaser staff will kindly answer your questions about individual processing methods and requirements in order to find the optimum processing solution.

eurolaser systems combine Swiss precision with German engineering as eurolaser relies on the market-proven motion system from ZÜND, the world market leader for cutting systems. The laser cutting systems are fundamentally modular and are configured individually for customers and their applications. Besides diverse requirements for the processing are considered. For example, additional engravings, markings or labels can be applied in one production step. Other tools e.g. for optical recognition on printed marks can be integrated.

eurolaser’s durable and high-precision systems can process a variety of materials, e.g. plastics, adhesive foils, textiles, composites and much more. Reliability, extreme longevity and a positive price-performance balance for the user can be guaranteed with high-quality components. After the purchase of a eurolaser system, eurolaser is looking forward to being a long-term partner for its customers, ensuring competent and fast support, the supply of high-quality spare parts and additional components as well as the ongoing option for system expansions.


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