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Fashion stylebot by Streamoid Technologies

Fashion stylebot by Streamoid Technologies

Streamoid Technologies is a startup that develops visual AI-based products for the fashion industry. The company has recently launched its fashion stylebot. Streamoid stylebots use advanced fashion artificial intelligence to mimic how personal styling assistants search and recommend products to their clients. These bots interact with customers in a fun, conversational manner. These bots have the ability to generate an understanding of the context before making any kind of recommendations about the outfits or the products to a specific customer.

Fashion stylebot

The interaction between the customers and the bots can be done by using texts or images. A customer can talk to the bot in the same way it does with a sales assistant. With the help of visual search and natural language processing, the bot is able to understand the contact of the conversation and to offer relevant solutions to the customers. The core of stylebot, is it’s super intelligent fashion AI engine that offers product search and recommendations. 

The bots are said to be programs with the brand’s styling sense and have the intelligence to formulate fashionable and beautiful outfits. Every visit of the customer will tell the bot more about the preferences and taste of the customers, his price sensitivity and the other preferences. They are also able to take the load off customer service teams. They can handle all the routine queries and escalate complicated ones for human intervention. 

The CTO of Streamoid Technologies, Rajesh Kumar, while announcing the launch of the Stylebot, said that; “The beauty of an automated service like this is that you can offer reliable styling service to a large number of customers in real time. This stylist will never gets irritated, never goes on a holiday and always remembers what you like and what you don’t like.” 


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