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Focus on raising cotton processing – India


Mr Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra chief minister (CM) recently said it would be ensured that all raw cotton grown by farmers in the next five years is processed at spinning mills in the state. Only 30 per cent of cotton grown in the state is processed now. The state has made provisions to infuse higher seed capital and incentives for textile entrepreneurs. The market would be strengthened through the government’s ‘farm to fashion’ policy.

The decision to keep electricity tariff rates low for textile traders has made the sector, especially the handloom industry, more competitive.

Mr Fadnavis said since the last textile policy for 2012-17 was introduced, the state government has attracted investments worth ₹20,000 crore and generated three lakh jobs. He added, in the next five years, the state hopes to double the investment, targeting to cross ₹36,000 crore.



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