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Gar-Tex expo in March 2018

Gar-Tex 2018 expo
Gar-Tex 2018 expo

Myanmar, also known as the second largest country in South East Asia is all set to host the Myanmar Gar-Tex 2018 expo, the second international exhibition and conference on textile and garment industry.

The event is schedules to be held from March 28 to 30, 2018 at the Rose Garden hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. The show will provide new business cooperation, networking, and potential market entry. 

The organizer of the event are Minh Vi Exhibition and Advertisement Services Co., Ltd (VEAS) who are supported by the Myanmar Ministry of Industry, Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association and Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association, Myanmar Textile Manufacturers Association, Textile Engineer Association and Smart Myanmar.

Expected is to see more than 80 exhibitors worldwide and about 3,500 trade visitors. The event is believed to serve as a comprehensive platform for international brands to introduce themselves to the Myanmar textile and garment industry market, provide businesses and trade development opportunities for enterprise participating in the exhibition, creating a platform that brings domestic and international enterprises in the textile and garment related industries together for business cooperation, exchanging information, as well as catching up the new and advanced technology and products from around the world such as Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, India, and Myanmar. 

The show also includes attractive seminars about the growth of the industry, the government support policy for international investors or special import and export policy on textile and garment industry, the current situation and future opportunity of textile and garment sector as well as how to start a business in Myanmar by invited keynote speakers from the countries.