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© Gerber Technology: Debut of Gerber MCT cutter at FESPA


Cutting is compulsory for fashion and apparel productions. To reduce the total production time, speedy cutting is needed without compromising the quality of end product. The Gerber MCT Cutter with digital finishing system, made its European debut at FESPA, an international exhibition organized in Munich to showcase the technologically advanced digital printing and laser.

The Gerber MCT cutter is multipurpose, accurate and easy to handle with integrated user interface. It consists of robust flat-bed table, high powered laser, and versatile interchangeable tools to achieve the targets within no time giving high quality products according to customer’s demand.

The © Gerber technology with highly-integrated system of hardware and software has won many awards in the North America market. 3D lettering, fabrication, and precise cutting of thick materials like metal, wood or plastic could be done in short period by using CNC routers, cutting down the labor dependency and cost.


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