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Germany to host Sustainable Textile School in September 2018


The second edition of the Sustainable Textile School (STS) is planned to be held in Chemnitz, Germany, from September 10-12, 2018. The intended ten lectures and five accompanying presentations in the expo will focus on recycling and sourcing issues that the textile industry faces today. It will be a forum for innovation with a focus on sustainability in textiles.

As compared to the first event held in 2017, this year’s edition will have longer and more intense lectures combined with workshops, which were the most popular formats last year. Just like the first the environmental Innovation Prize will also be awarded for the second time. The focus of the assessment is set on practically and environmentally friendly subsequent utilization processes and ground-breaking recycling, enabling to save resources and transferring to closed loops. Moreover, new sources and business models for producing high-quality and sustainable textile products having a long-life and usage are part of this year’s prize.

Many international experts will join the Advisory Board of the expo. Charlotte Turner (Eco Age), Dr. Pamela Ravasio (European Outdoor Group), Karla Magruder (Fabricology), Christina Raab (ZDHC), Sonja Amport (STF), Giuseppe Gherzi (Gherzi Organisation), Mark Jarvis (World Textile Information Network), Dr. Reiner Hengstmann (go4more.global), and Mag. Lorenz Wied will work together with the STS organization and the STFI, represented by its executive scientific director, Yves-Simon Gloy, to build a valuable program and connect players from the global textile value chains.


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