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Global Eco-fiber growth prospects 2018-22


The global eco-fiber market shows a projected growth of CAGR 10.5% from 2018-22. The growth driver of eco-fiber is the damage caused by conventional fibers. Fiber production, be it natural or synthetic has significant impact on the environment.

Organic cotton is gaining popularity since it does not require chemicals and is hypoallergenic and the clothes made from organic cotton are soft and comfortable.

Bamboo fiber demand in market is also increasing since it’s a fast growing cotton and its cultivation process does not require chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

In a report of Global Eco Fiber Market 2018-2022, an in depth analysis of inputs from industry experts has been prepare. It covers the growth prospects and market landscape of coming years. Furthermore it also includes discussions from key market vendors currently operating in the market, including Grasim, David C.Poole Company, Lenzing, Teijin, Wellman Advanced Materials and US Fibers.


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