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HCR-3 Industrial Multi-Head Embroidery Machine by United Machinery at GTex

HCR-3 Industrial Multi-Head Embroidery Machine
HCR-3 Industrial Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

On the Gtex global Expo, held in Lahore, the United Machinery came on the board with the HCR-3 Industrial multi-head embroidery machine. The flagship of HAPPY JAPAN’s line of multi-head embroidery machines, HAPPY JAPAN’s 12-head model HCR3-1512 is said to boast the company’s latest technology in multi-head machines. The machine translates some impressive stats: despite being the company’s largest multi-head, it is also the fastest.  Improvements to the sewing head over the HCR2-series machines also expand the machine’s capability in more challenging sewing situations. Additionally, engineers have brought numerous durability improvements to the frame and drive system that will help further HAPPY JAPAN’s tradition of durability and quality construction.

The prominent features of the machines includes; servo-driven main motor for quieter, higher speed operation, new carriage base design for smoother, steadier operation at all sewing speeds, improved sewing head powers through tougher sewing jobs, large, user-friendly touch screen control with onboard help, auto-error correction, USB flash drive ports, LAN and USB direct PC connection ports, connection software included, 40 million stitch/999-design memory; organize designs in folders, pull designs from remote PC, automatic Color Change / 99 changes allowed per design, make Design Adjustments On-The-Spot: flip/rotate, auto-repeat, fine-scaling, offset from center, and more.

The machines also give prominent results in terms of improving sewing quality of existing designs with design cleanup/compensation tools, automatic production, and error reporting and come with a detachable support table.

The HAPPY JAPAN Multi-Head Advantage is introduced by the HAPPAY JAPAN. The machine is introduced and distributed in the Pakistani market by United Machinery. HAPPY JAPAN’s longstanding reputation for producing durable, quality embroidery equipment is decades-long and began with its line of multi-heads.  Today’s HCR3 machines shown here are the ultimate in that ongoing tradition – a big leap forward in multi-head technology and design that offers huge advantages for embroidery production shops.  Lots of design improvements and new features – including high-speed servo motors, improved sewing head design, more robust structure, friendly, intuitive touchscreen controls – give owners a strong competitive edge in embroidery production.


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