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Healthy recovery for European denim imports in 2013


Jeans are more than ever before an essential item of clothing for any European consumer, whatever their age or sex. In 2013, the 27 member states of the European Union imported 494 million pairs of denim jeans, representing a value of 3.69 thousand million euros, destined for a population of 505 million people, of whom 430 million consumers are over the age of 14.

During the last six years, between 2007 and 2013, imports of jeans have experienced an exceptional rate of growth of 5.3% per annum, reaching a peak in 2013. By way of comparison, total European imports of clothing only grew by 2.2% a year during this same period.

In decline in 2012 due to the crisis in the economy, European imports of jeans are back on track for growth. Indeed, in 2013 they grew by 4.4% in value and by 8.6% in volume, while average prices dropped by 3.9%.

In 2013, three countries clearly stood out from the mass of jeans suppliers to the European Union: Turkey, Bangladesh and China. Together they supply two thirds (62%) of jeans imports in terms of value and 69% in terms of pairs of jeans. These three suppliers are followed by Pakistan and Tunisia.

One of the significant differences in 2013 is that China ceded its place as prime supplier to the European Union, which it still occupied in 2012; it was overtaken not just by Turkey but also by Bangladesh. China, however, remains top-ranked in terms of numbers of pairs, with 142 million pairs of jeans exported to the European Union in 2013 followed by Bangladesh with 141 million pairs. Pakistan exported 65 million pairs of jean in the same period to European Union.


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