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H&M foundation discloses a new closed-loop apparel recycling eco-system

Foundation apparel recycling concept
Foundation apparel recycling concept

A new closed-loop apparel recycling eco-system was displayed by H&M Foundation in collaboration with the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel at DesignInspire, 2017 Exhibition in Hong Kong.

The system has been developed for various circular concepts. Global garment collecting programs and innovative textile waste management methods are two of them intended to foster a more sustainable fashion sector where cloths are no more contributing to global pollution, said a H&M Foundation’s press release.

It’s a goal of H&M foundation to create a more circular economy and this non-profit foundation is helping the industry leaders rebuilding textile recycling and engaging consumers to consume more responsible garments with its latest apparel recycling development.

It is a process that establishes a biological and a chemical process, which separates and recycles cotton and polyester textile blends, which also recovers polyester material from the process that can be reused directly for new garments without negative environmental impacts.

“This is a major breakthrough in the journey towards a closed loop for textiles. The technology will be scaled up and tested further to prove commercial viability. When finalised, the technology will be licensed widely through HKRITA to ensure broad market access and maximum impact. It will benefit the environment as well as people and communities,” H&M Foundation said in the press release.

H&M Foundation and HKRITA signed a four-year contract on the Global Garment Collecting Program In September 2016. H&M Foundation invested 5.8 million euros ($6,843,884) for the research on apparel circularity and additional financial support coming from Hong Kong SAR Government’s Innovative and Technology Fund.

Besides, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Stella McCartney flourished a new circular roadmap for the apparel industry in November.  It analyses the industry’s current fast fashion system and provided a new sustainability roadmap for brands, designers and companies.

The roadmap helps industry providing a new way of apparel design, solid waste minimizing and managing and releasing concerned and microfiber substances in different phases to clean up the whole apparel industry. It also improves recycling through an eco- conscious process and making effective uses of resources. It gives importance on consumer involvement and encourages industrialists to reduce fashions carbon footprint. 


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