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Huntsman latest innovations for sustainable growth of the textile industry


Huntsman Textile Effects, one of the global leaders in developing sustainable, high performing processing chemicals, organized a customer seminar on 11 October titled ‘Sustainable Growth and Innovation in the Textile Industry’ jointly with its local agent, Swiss Colours Bangladesh Ltd. in Dhaka. Bangladesh. The seminar attracted phenomenal crowd having more than 500 textile processers.

Akther Hossain, Managing Director, SwissColours Bangladesh Ltd, said in his welcome speech that Huntsman Corporation is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals with approximately $10 billion revenues in 2016. Our chemical products are number one in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets, he added. SwissColours Bangladesh Ltd has been the local agent for Huntsman Textile Effects from the very early days.

A team of Huntsman Corporation and SwissColours Bangladesh Ltd. in the customer seminar in Dhaka.
A team of Huntsman Corporation and SwissColours Bangladesh Ltd. in the customer seminar in Dhaka.

Huntsman Textile Effects is the leading global provider of high quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries with operations in more than 90 countries and six primary manufacturing facilities in six countries (China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand), commented Chuck Hirsch, Vice-President, Sales and Technical Resources, Huntsman Textile Effects, in his presentation.

“Creating a sustainable textile value chain is one of the top priorities in the textile industry. As one of the global leaders in addressing industry challenges with sustainable products and solutions meeting economic and ecological needs, Huntsman Textile Effects is committed and well positioned to help the industry address these challenges. Huntsman will continue to invest and collaborate with various stakeholders in Bangladesh to help the industry minimize their environmental footprint and to meet sustainability targets to compete in the global market.”, he added.

Biswajit Banik, Country Manager- Bangladesh, Huntsman Textile Effect played the Master of Ceremonies role in the whole event and during his presence he also mentioned “Bangladesh is an important manufacturing country for global textile value chain and the textile and apparel contributes to 80% of export earnings for the country. Huntsman and Swiss Colours have been working closely with all the customers here in Bangladesh and always try to remain at the forefront of the business. Our efforts are always to bring innovative solutions to create sustainable industry.”

With new color palette AVITERA® SE is much more effective than before:
Holger Schlaefke, and Oliver Gerlach, Global Marketing Manager, Huntsman Corporation highlighted different types of products . Among many other technologies, Avitera® series of dyestuffs from Huntsman has been well discussed in the seminar. Many of the participants have opined that the current series of Avitera® SE dyestuffs are well in position now to improve further the environmental impact of dyeing industries. From its inception Avitera has been discussed as a game changing technology the dyestuff industry has seen after long time.

Holger Schlaefke, Global Marketing Manager (Home Textiles), Huntsman Textile Effect presented some key benefits his company has to offer to its Bangladesh customers.
Holger Schlaefke, Global Marketing Manager (Home Textiles), Huntsman Textile Effect presented some key benefits his company has to offer to its Bangladesh customers.

AVITERA® SE is a range of tri-reactive dyes that provide low temperature and low consumption processing for cellulosic fibres and blends. Huntsman’s proven solutions combining finest high exhaustion dyestuffs and high efficient chemicals are helping in reducing environment footprint of Bangladesh textile industry.

Holger Schlaefke mentioned that while in a conventional efficient dyeing process would require around 60 liters of water to dye per kg of fabric, Avitera® SE can do the same with only 30 liters of water. That means it is saving close to 50 percent of water consumption in compared to an existing efficient process. If we compare with an non-efficient process than the same savings will be much higher. Mr. Schlaefke also presented the new color palette of Avitera® SE series which showed that Huntsman continued extensive research and development on the series from its inception 2012 and now it has very strong and effective ranges of dyestuffs in the series. New color palette is offering less recipe cost, higher productivity and less environmental impact.

The new benchmark of dyeing PES/CEL blends
The event showcased Huntsman’s expertise in integrated solutions for the textile supply chain. An innovative solution for Polyester-Cellulosic Fibers (Cotton) two part dying has been presented in the seminar. A specific combination of AVITERA® SE  series and TERASIL® W/WW dyestuffs can significantly reduce time, chemical, energy and water use for dyeing PC, CVC two part dyeing. Both polyester and cotton can be dyed in two baths without reduction clearing which will save number of baths.

A case shared in the seminar showed 40% time savings, 50% water savings, 50% electricity and green house gas emission savings while using AVITERA® SE  series and TERASIL® W/WW dyestuffs in compared to traditional process including ‘Reduction Clearing’.

TERASIL® TC is competitive, cutting-edge disperse dye range for polyester. Designed to offer outstanding economy and shade reproducibility for polyester, polyester/cotton, even microfiber and elastane blends. TERASIL® TC range benefits include good all round fastness performance, excellent stability to reduction, exceptional leveling properties, very good light fastness providing high shade durability, fast exhaustion at 130 degree celsius and wide pH stability.

Huntsman’s innovation is supporting major trends of the industry:
Oliver Gerlach, Global Marketing Manager, HTE explained tremendous growth in Athleisure-wear worldwide. He informed that sales of Athleisure-wear were 270 billion USD in the year 2015, and the market is expanding very fast. He also presented Huntsman’s high-tech offerings for special finishes for Athleisure-wear ranges.

Holger Schlaefke covered another major trend of the sector, the digital printing industry. Digitalization is a major trend in the world facilitating more flexibility in design and now people are thinking about individual customization even. Mr. Schlaefke presented the advantages of Huntsman’s digital printing inks and related products and suggested how these products would help their customers to gain more orders from global brands.

Huntsman dyes and chemicals have been serving the industry by complying all latest industry regulations namely ZDHC MRSL, Bluesign, GOTS, REACH etc. Huntsman not only comply them but also contributes in developing new environmental standards of the world’s best clothing brands while increasing yield, improving productivity and reducing processing cost.

Strong local team- more committed to serve individual customer needs:
With a very strong local team Huntsman today is well poised to deliver more to its customers. The veteran Swiss Colours team and Huntsman’s long legacy the team now is a combination of  young energetic but talented pool of engineers and experienced proven industry experts. In the question and answer session Huntsman’s Bangladesh Country Manager Biswajit Banik expressed his commitment to reach at the door of the customers for serving any sort of queries.

At one stage in the seminar Professor Engr. Masud Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Textiles, asked to recruit more textile engineers from Bangladesh at Huntsman Textile Effects who will be able to contribute more in Research & Development and also in market and product development. He also urged participating companies to invest more in Bangladesh in R&D.

Experts from Huntsman Textile Effect suggested answers to the questions from the participants.
Experts from Huntsman Textile Effect suggested answers to the questions from the participants.

The seminar was not only one sided presentation from Huntsman, it was also generating good participation from the audience. Number of veteran textile professionals, industry owners participated in the seminar. The question and answer session was idea provocative and experts from Huntsman suggested remedies to customer problems.

Huntsman Textile Effects holds regular seminars and workshops and collaborates with textile mills and apparel manufacturers to adopt new technologies and processes that conserve resources, reduce waste and improve productivity. The company manufactures products for a variety of global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, health care, detergent, personal care, furniture, appliances and packaging.


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