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Hyosung to launch new MIPAN Robic fine yarns

MIPAN Robic Fine Yarns

Hyosung, a leader in innovative nylon fibres, will be launching new fine denier, high tenacity MIPAN Robic Fine to meet customer’s demand for lightweight, durable fabrics and garments. The new yarn family ranges from 7 to 15 denier and are 15-20% higher tenacity than regular nylon in same deniers in order to achieve stronger fabrics with higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance, the company reports.

“Consumers want garments, backpacks, shells, and sleeping bags to be lightweight but long lasting so we expanded the MIPAN Robic high tenacity yarn collection to include fine deniers,” said Roman Park, MIPAN Robic product manager. “Higher tenacity extends wear life and protective performance for outdoor apparel, workwear, bags and accessories.”