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Improve comfort & reduce unpleasant odor with YelcoDry

Argar Srl Technology
Argar Srl Technology

The Argar Technology, a leading European manufacturer of protective knitted fabrics and textile accessories for the PPE, technical and sports markets, is introducing a new range of YelcoDry knitted fabrics, designed to improve the comfort characteristics of the garments worn for long periods of time or in uncomfortable environmental conditions.

The company will be exhibiting its latest innovation at the upcoming A+A international trade fair and congress, which takes place from 17-20 October in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Construction of YelcoDry
The YelcoDry range of fabrics feature polypropylene on the inner layer of the fabric and cotton on the outer layer. Polypropylene facilitates prevention of unpleasant odours, low friction to avoid skin irritation, fast water absorption, breathability, efficient sweat management and quick moisture transfer to the outer layer, as well as fast drying of the fabric. Cotton in the outer layer of the fabric, guarantees the absorption capacity and allows design flexibility in terms of customizing the color.
Compared to a product made of cotton, the use of YelcoDry can provide a 130% improvement in sweat management of the garment and 30% improvement in user comfort.
Tested on the road
The new fabric has been tested and its qualities verified on the road by leading Italian motorcyclist Rosario Sala. As a technical sponsor of the biker, Argar Technology supplied the biker with T-shirts made from YelcoDry knitted fabric to keep him fresh and comfortable during his recent trip from Trento, Italy, to Hanoi in Vietnam.

His journey, called Objective Vietnam, took him through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, India, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, around 25,000 km in total.

Argar Srl is a leading European manufacturer of certified protective knitted fabrics and textile accessories for the production of personal protective garments for professional, technical and sports applications. Argar’s fabrics combine flame resistant, hi-visibility, antistatic, arc flash protection and antibacterial properties in a wide variety of certified technical knits and related textile accessories.

The company guarantees its knitted fabrics, which are fully manufactured in Italy. The company can produce with very low minimum dye batches, which together with high quality is one of its real strengths.

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