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An Interview with Mr Ralf Muller, Sales Manager, Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG


With about 3000 employees, Trützschler is one of the world’s leading textile machinery manufacturer. Trützschler specialises in machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, the nonwovens and man-made fiber industry. The headquarters of the more than 125 year old company is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

TEXtalks interviewed Mr Ralf Muller (Sales Manager, Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG) at Igatex 2018, Lahore Pakistan.

TEXtalks: Which produtcs Trützschler Spinning is mainly dealing with?
Mr Ralf Muller: Trützschler Spinning is a German based company. The company has a history of 130 years and is ever since owned by the family. We are the main supplier of blowrooms, cards, draw-frames, lap winders and combers.

TEXtalks: What are the main products of Trützschler Spinning for Pakistani market?
Mr Ralf Muller:
For the Pakistani market Trützschler Spinning is mainly dealing with blowrooms, cards and draw-frames. Recently, we have also increased the market share in combing and since Pakistani market is diversifying we are also indulging in all the products for combing installations in Pakistan as well.

TEXtalks: How does Trützschler Spinning see sustainability?
Mr Ralf Muller:
Since Trützschler Spinning itself started with carding willows and tuning machines 13 years ago sustainability is already a part of our history. We have continued to build machines for sustainability and until now we are the leading supplier of cards to process recycled fibers which is where we hold a major market share in supplies of cards with our integrated draw-frame IDF worldwide.

TEXtalks: What does industry 4.0 mean to Trützschler Spinning?
Mr Ralf Muller:
Trützschler Spinning has continued to develop industry 4.0 in our T-data system which is now fully integrated into all our machines. We can supply all our customers with the T-data system. Further developments keep on taking place as application to apps, to mobile phones and further applications to the future.

TEXtalks: Any upcoming innovative products from Trützschler Spinning?
Mr Ralf Muller:
For innovation Trützschler Spinning is investing a large amount of its revenue to research and development. Every year we are continuously coming up with new developments. The prime target for our developments certainly has always been itema in Europe. On itema 2019 Trützschler Spinning will have many interesting and exciting new developments to show.

TEXtalks: How has the response from the visitors been so far at the exhibition?
Mr Ralf Muller:
The response has been very good. Ofcourse, talking with TEXtalks, I would also like to emphasize the conference we had prior to the exhibition, Inspiring Change, which certainly was a very good start. The IGATex exhibition is very positive and has grown over the years. It is the 4th time we are participating in a row. We are happy with the frequent quality visitors who are coming. It is a very important exhibition to participate in the future.

TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for Trützschler Spinning products?
Mr Ralf Muller:
Pakistan is a very important market. Seeing our history over the last 10 years Pakistan is ranking amongst the top 3 countries for deliveries from Germany. We pay special attention to the needs of the Pakistani market and put a lot of effort here. We have a professional service team in Pakistan to support our customers and we are looking forward to come with exciting new products to Pakistan.


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