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Mr Afaan Aziz, Director Aziz Group of Companies talks about the relevance of qualitative product mix, at Heimtextil 2019


At Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, Mr Afaan Aziz, Director Aziz Group of Companies, talking to TEXtalks said that the visitor response at Heimtextil has been very positive. Pakistan textile industry has been neglected for a long period. Pakistan exporters were making profit margins but now a better exchange rate regime is gearing Pakistan for the bigger share in the export market. It is time to be efficient and outperform for the future of the business and hopefully the growth of the sector in times to come.

Aziz Group of Companies at Heimtextil is presenting several types of yarn including polyester, cotton, vortex spinning and double yarns which is Aziz Group of Companies main line of business. Mr Afaan told that at Heimtextil Aziz Group of Companies is meeting most of its customers who are either here to sell their product or a company representative to have meeting.

Talking about the impact of US dollar on cotton imports he said that cotton is imported not only due to the lagging in cotton production but also to be a better product mix. He said that businessmen today need to have all kids of products to sell which will require cotton of several kinds of quality. So cotton imported is not only about the insufficient cotton quantity but also the type of quality required. Everyone in the east whether it be India, Bangladesh or China has to import cotton to fulfil the requirements of their product mix.

Mr Afaan said, “For the Pakistan textile industry it has been a very positive year and our association has played a very vital role by managing to achieve a competitive gas rate which is at par with the rest of the world as compared to the last five years when we were facing major challenges due to unreasonable gas and electricity rates. But now, with the competitive rates, hopefully we will get our position back in the world of textiles.”


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