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An Interview with Mr Ahmad Shafi – The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd, Pakistan


At Heimtextil 2019, talking to TEXtalks Mr Ahmad Shafi, Executive Director, The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd, told that at Heimtextil they are promoting home textile products, bed sheets, curtains with a lot of variations in fibers, fabrics and constructions and it’s doing pretty well so far with visits from serious buyers. Furthermore he also informed that Crescent textiles is working on expanding its value added segment. He said that technical textiles is a different ball game but definitely a big potential for Pakistan market. 

The foundation stone of The Crescent Textile Mills Ltd was laid by Mr Muhammad Shafi on May 01, 1950. Under his leadership Crestex, in 1956, started exporting majority of its products to USA, Europe, Middle East and Japan. After the demise of Mr Muhammad Shafi and Mr Muhammad Anwar (CEO), Mr Nasir Shafi took over the charge of Crestex.

Progressive and futuristic approach of Mr Muhammad Anwar and Mr Nasir Shafi enabled Crestex to become the 1st composite textile company of Pakistan which receied the ISO 9002 certification on July 07, 1997. Crestex has also been awarded “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” certification, Presdient of Pakistan Export Trophy for three consecutive years in mid 90s, the highest sale of yarn and cloth award in 1987-88, 1993-94 and 1994-95, and highest sales of home textiles award in 2008.


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