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Mr Anees Khawaja talks about the new developments in Pakistan textile business


Mahmood Group of Industries is one of those rare groups in Pakistan which operates in all stages from cotton to ginning, spinning, weaving, garments and bed sheets as well.

Talking about the significance of Heimtextil, Mr Anees M. Khawaja, Director Mahmood Group, told TEXtalks that Heimtextil provides a platform which enables buyers and sellers from all over the world to meet as well as understand the upcoming product line, new fibers and the changing trends in the tenure of next 12 months.

Emphasizing on value addition and increased engagement in diversified products focusing sustainability he said that now with our costs at par with the rest of the world, textile industrialists can now focus on the value added products which will not only help a certain company or group but also the country by bringing in more exports.

In Pakistan with high cotton consumption and cotton production a challenge, he informed that the challenges have more to do with the government policies and obsolete agricultural practices. He said that the government is now taking initiatives by forming new committees to improve the situation. He said that we have a lot of hope banked on this but a consultancy firm with expertise in this regard is required to solve this problem.

Furthermore, he praised APTMA for its tremendous leadership skills and to get the right viability and pricing for the spinning industry in Pakistan. He said that the government has done its part by providing subsidized and the right price of energy and now it’s up to the industrialists to generate results by increased efficiency and effectiveness.

He also shed light that Mahmood Group is focusing on value addition to achieve better export volume and become one of the top three exporters of Pakistan. He said the plans are there which will be in affect after some worldwide political as well as economic situation settles down.


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