Home Fashion INVISTA releases leg-wear trends forecast for autumn/winter 2018-19

INVISTA releases leg-wear trends forecast for autumn/winter 2018-19

INVISTA releases leg-wear trends forecast
INVISTA releases leg-wear trends forecast

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® brand and a leader in developing market-driven innovations for the legwear segment, presents its global legwear trends and fashion directions for Autumn Winter 2018-19. Issued annually, this highly anticipated trend report is developed for the exclusive use of LYCRA® brand mill customers before being released to a wider audience.

The LYCRA® brand has once again worked with trend forecasting agency Stijlinstituut Amsterdam to predict the must-have legwear looks for the season. Each look in the fashion-forward capsule collection is made possible by the latest advances in LYCRA® brand fiber innovations. The legwear garments are designed with comfort, style and fit in mind, and take full advantage of the brand’s entire portfolio of fibers for socks and hosiery.

“As we develop each season’s capsule collection we pay particular attention to garment design and construction to create dynamic and versatile looks that will enhance any wardrobe,” said Sybille Bald, Global Segment Leader, and Hosiery. “Each look showcases the benefits of a fiber that has been carefully selected to meet forecasted trends and consumer needs. Whether its all-day comfort, compression, warming or cooling technology—our fibers deliver lasting performance consumers can depend on.”

The LYCRA® brand’s Fashion Directions have become a valuable source of inspiration that creates value for brands and retailers and presents knitters with insights that can lead to exciting new business opportunities. Here are the eight trends forecasted for Autumn/Winter 18-19:

Sheer Luck
This thigh-high plays with transparency and texture to celebrate the inherent beauty of skin. Depending on the skin tone, its slightly raised graded stripes in opaque yarn either merge subtly, or contrast sharply for a more expressive impact. Made with LYCRA® 3D technology, this hosiery offers greater comfort and enhanced freedom of movement, a uniform appearance and a softer, smoother hand. Offering an essential aesthetic, this look strips back all complications to find a sense of calm and quiet amongst all the noise.

With the continued rise of athleisure, consumers are wearing active wear-inspired apparel all-day long, and opting for comfort and performance benefits over garments only offering fashion appeal. This daywear hosiery is inspired by color blocking used in active wear and is showy, organic and curvaceous in blues and blacks. This garment fits superbly and is ultra-comfortable thanks to its top made with LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology, which means less rollover and slip down.

Comfort Seekers
Performance features continue to be a key driver in garments that are worn close to the body like this pair of tights made with LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology. This innovation delivers exquisite comfort and superior fit, yet still stretches freely to accommodate movement for women who are constantly on the go. Drawing its inspiration from ‘70s high-heeled, over-the-knee-boots worn over opaque hosiery, this look combines these two fashion features into one stylish garment engineered to deliver lasting performance.

Perfect Hue
Known for its ability to slim and instantly make anything look more chic, black is arguably the most loved color in fashion. These vibrant tights feature LYCRA® BLACK technology for durable, true black color without unsightly grin-though or glitter. This intense black is the perfect base to allow other colors to pop—capitalizing on the trend of using bold patterns and colors for dramatic effect. Splashed by a shocking splat of yellow that is fully engineered into the garment, this fun hosiery also contains many functional benefits that will appeal to consumers. THERMOLITE® technology is engineered to help keep the wearer warm and dry, while LYCRA® LEG CARE technology provides graduated compression to help energize tired legs.

Make it Mine
This look celebrates body adornment from ethnic-inspired folk motifs and abstract patterns, to contemporary sports accents. The foundation is the skin, or in this case, the hosiery, which acts as a canvas for decorative embellishment as seen in body painting or tattoo art. The hosiery gives the illusion of perfectly even skin tones thanks to LYCRA® LIVING LIGHTS technology, which also delivers more saturated fashion colors. This rhythmic herringbone pattern is printed onto semi-sheer hosiery in a dynamic, linear pattern that confuses the eye and creates the effect of a fast-moving animated blur due to translucence and layered graphics. This hosiery also provides smoothing and shaping properties thanks to LYCRA® BEAUTY technology.

Considerate Consumer
This trend is aimed at a more mindful consumer who considers sustainability when deciding which garment to buy. They have turned their back on fast fashion to focus on slow fashion, which is better for the planet and features more timeless and longer lasting aesthetics. These ultra-soft socks have a laid-back appeal—relaxed in look as well as in wear. They also keep feet cool, dry and comfortable thanks to COOLMAX® Eco-Made technology. This unique innovation is made from 97% recycled resources including plastic bottles. This means consumers can enjoy a clear conscience and lasting performance.

Flex Denim
Still tapping into the athleisure trend, a new wave of ‘comfort casuals’ is flooding the high street. Sportswear brands are marrying comfort, performance and fashion-forward looks that emphasize form-fitting, but non-constricting materials. These seamless denim leggings made with LYCRA® HYBRID technology feature multidirectional stretch and are as comfortable as track pants, as fashionable as traditional jeans, and as versatile as hosiery. The worn-and-torn look at the knees of these leggings is obtained by an openwork knit effect that is engineered to stand up to repeated washing and wearing. These breathable leggings also move moisture away from the body to the fabric’s surface where it dries quickly to enhance wearer comfort.

Serious Sports
Designed for serious athletes, these knee-highs are all about delivering hard-core performance and taking the game—any game—to the next level. For sportswear brands that want to attract a more dedicated demographic, create socks using LYCRA®ENERGIZE™ brand. Its graduated compression supports muscles and improves blood circulation. Supporting, compact knit effects are engineered onto a silver-sheen background. Graphic armour-like patterns map out the leg’s anatomy, showing strips and bands framing raised striped areas. The curved cuff is soft and cushioned for added comfort.

INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA delivers exceptional value for its customers through market insights and technology innovations, along with a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global brands and trademarks in their respective industries including: COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, LYCRA®, POLARGUARD®, SOLARMAX®, SUPPLEX®, TACTEL®, and THERMOLITE®. For more information, visit THERMOLITE.com, INVISTA.com, Facebook.com/INVISTAglobal and Twitter.com/INVISTA.

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