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ITMA audience flocks to Stoll’s flat knitting showcase


Barcelona – As ITMA 2019 closed its doors, flat knitting machine builder Stoll expressed its delight with the visitor response to its cutting-edge developments across a number of fields such as knit & wear, technical textiles, automated processes and the latest trend collection.

“ITMA Barcelona 2019 has concluded, and Stoll is very satisfied with the outcome of this exhibition,” the company said in a statement. “Leads and customers alike were enthusiastic about the stand concept and exhibition program, for which a special magnet was our live showcase.”

In order to experience the live automated process of knitting a customized image while utilizing the various stations (i.e. M1plus, STOLLautocreate or PPS – production planning system), visitors had the opportunity to take a picture of themselves or create a graphic within Stoll’s Adobe Photoshop plugin STOLL-artwork and interact with Stoll technology first-hand.

As a key feature during the showcase, a plastic stripe was inserted within the fabric during the knitting process. Without manual intervention, a gripping arm (STOLL-knitrobotic) removed this strip from a magazine integrated in the machine and inserted it precisely between the needle beds.

In addition to this technology, visitors were also able to admire the new Trend Collection, Materialization. The focus of this new collection is encompassed around which new and different yarn materials can be processed and specifically knit with Stoll knitting technologies.

Those interested in the field of Technical Textiles were also impressed, experiencing a vast selection of corresponding ideas and solutions. Various knitted furnishings such as office chairs or car seats were presented on the show floor and hovered in the air above. Further technical applications were exhibited, such as the knitted sensor glove developed in cooperation with BOSCH GmbH. Myant Inc., meanwhile, also presented itself within the field of Technical Textiles. On show were the company’s latest products, such as pressure-sensitive mats.
Special attention was also paid to the Stoll knit and wear division, often the most crowded area of the booth. “(Stoll) would rephrase to: unbeatable combination of the company’s ADF 830-24 ki knit and wear and CMS 830 ki knit and wear as both machines clearly depicted benefits of Stoll’s knit-and-wear technology: high productivity and cost effective production.”

Select Stoll subsidiaries also had the opportunity to present their developments on a small scale. Specifically, Paramalhas, Chemtax, and Stoll’s Italian subsidiary, Stoll Italia. “This area achieved a great response,” the company added. “We also presented a new developed App solution (in cooperation with Fision) – creating the possibility to scan visitors and transfer their body measurements into Stoll’s M1plus to develop a ready-to-knit, customized program. Ultimately, STOLL’s appearance at ITMA Barcelona proved to be a success in terms of lead generation, positive response rates, and exposure.”



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