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Digital Spinning Solutions to be highlighted by Jingwei in Lahore seminar

JINGWEI’s seminar on digital spinning solution
JINGWEI’s seminar on digital spinning solution

JINGWEI is all set to present a comprehensive yet informative seminar on digital spinning solutions on November 10th 2017 in Lahore. The company aims to offer entirely automated plant for spinning solutions that will deal with the entire procedure of spinning on its own. JINGWEI Textile Machinery is putting on display their “digital spinning solution”.

JINGWEI is the only manufacturer of spinning machinery ranging from blow room to winding along with automated packing solutions. The event attended will be briefed about the topic by using video clips and power point presentations to display the features and generate better understanding of their “digital spinning solution.”

China Hi-Tech Group Corporation
Established in 1998 the corporation is working under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Currently it has two subsidiaries with a working and distribution network in many different parts of the world. The corporation is dealing in the businesses of textile machinery; textiles and trade and covering business units as textile machinery etc.

China Texmatech Co. Ltd.
China Texmatech Co., Ltd. (CTMTC) was established in 1984 and is the largest enterprise in China specialized in the import and export of textile machinery and technology. Introduction of JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. is the mile stone the CTMTC has achieved.

JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co Ltd
JINGWEI Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., is the biggest textile machinery manufacturer in China which is working as the shareholder and performing full-scale strategic cooperation since 2004. The foundation of JINGWEI Textile Machinery has turned CTMTC into company limited from a state-owned company.

R & R Corporation in collaboration with JINGWEI and CTMTC has sold over a million spindles in Pakistan across 30 years. These digital spinning solutions includes following automation that will be projected on the seminar:

  • Sliver can transportation system from carding to roving
  • Bobbin transportation system from roving to ring 
  • Long ring spinning frames up to 1,800 spindles with auto doffing 
  • Link coner from ring to winding 
  • Cone conveyor from winding to packing 
  • Automatic cone–palletising system
  • Pallet conveyor to the bagging department
  • Automatic PE bagging of cones
  • PE bags conveying system
Mr Li Peng - Managing director of Pak China Investment Company Limited
Mr Li Peng – Managing Director of Pak China Investment Company Limited

Mr Li Peng – Managing director of Pak China Investment Company Limited will be the honorable chief guest at the seminar. The event is planned to be held at Faletties Hotel (Golden Pearl Hall) 24, Egerton Road, Lahore, Pakistan, on Friday November 10th 2017. Starting at 05:30 Pm and will end up at around 9:00 PM followed by a dinner.

The following delegates will be presenting the automation on November 10, 2017 during the seminar:

  • Wu Xudong, Executive Vice President, JINGWEI Textile Machinery
  • Wang Ke, Vice President of Sales, JINGWEI Textile Machinery
  • Xu Huixian, Vice President of Marketing, Jingwei Textile Machinery
  • Tian Keqin, Vice President Operations, JINGWEI Textile Machinery
  • Feng Guangxuan, Deputy Director R&D, Tianjin Hongda Machinery
  • Yang Peixue, Deputy Director of International Trade Department, Qingdao Hongda Machinery
  • Wu Xiuhua, Vice President, China Texmatech Corporation
  • Li Min, General Manager Exports, China Texmatech Corporation
  • Qu Zhenjie, Chief International Representative, China Texmatech Corpoaration
  • Zhang Anshai, Sales Manager, China Texmatech Corporation
Mr Rana Mahboob Hasan CEO- R&R Corporation, Karachi

The welcome speech will be giving by Mr Wu Xiuhua the Vice President of CTMTC while Mr Li Peng with present an overview of the CPEC Project. Later a presentation on the JINGWEI’s digital spinning solutions will be presented to the event attendees. Views on the JINGWEI’s role will be presented by Mr Wu Xudong who is the CEO of JINGWEI Textile Machinery Corporation. Later Mr Rana Mahboob Hasan- CEO R&R Corporation Pvt. Ltd. will share words of thanks to the event attended for their kind participation that will then be followed by a corporate Dinner.

For more details about the seminar contact:
Mr. Rana Ali
R & R Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.
Tel: +92 3331262495
Email: rrcorporationpvtltd@gmail.com


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