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Launch of Wearable Lab Premiere Vision Paris


The Premiere Vision Paris will launch their Launching Lab in a trade show starting from February 7th, 2017. The wearable lab area will be dedicated to the generation of new technology and ideas for the fashion industry. The program is also expecting to witness participation of professionals from industries and from different parts of the world.

This three-day show will be launching the Lab with an aim to support the future of fashion technology. Planned is that ten experimental works will be showcased at the event. The work will be featuring the accessories and clothing to testify the high-speed development in the fashion technology area. A conference about fashion technology will also be a part of the trade show that is aiming to highlight the issues faced by the industry.

The event will also host the exhibition, conference and workshop on fashion accessories, fabrics and textile deign and many others. Premiere Vision Paris is a trade event that opens doors to major trends that have the caliber to create a stir by making changes in the fashion and textile markets.


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