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Launching of white & green denim line by © Garmon chemicals with eco-bleaching


Oxidative bleaching and neutralization are important steps in denim bleach wash process. Strong oxidizing agents like hydrogen per oxide and potassium permanganate and neutralizing agents like hydroxylamine and sodium metabisulfite are hazardous to environment.

© Garmon Chemical introduced its white&green line at the Amsterdam Kingpins trade show in April 2019. For bleach and wash process they used an oxidizing agent “Avol Oxy White” for safe and sustainable bleaching process which is an advanced alternative to potassium permanganate, presenting several advantages like: free from metals and manganese compounds, safe to handle, easy to apply without tumble drying, giving good quality final products.

A revolutionary and ecologically advanced neutralizing agent “Avol Lime” was presented that is classified at level 1 in Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) gateway, removes more effectively permanganate and its residues giving brighter discoloration and better contrast.



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