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Lenzing presents TENCEL™ Luxe

Lenzing Luxe 7
Lenzing Luxe 7

Lyocell filament rings new era of sustainable textiles for the premium luxury market a  basic engineering for a plant on a large commercial scale was launched Paris / Lenzing – The Lenzing Group presented a new product at an exclusive event in Paris: TENCEL™ Luxe. The filament yarn of the TENCEL™ Luxe brand is another important milestone for the implementation of the company strategy sCore TEN and represents the entry into the filament market for Lenzing. This fiber will help the Lenzing Group to become a true specialist in the market of very high-quality botanical materials from the sustainable raw material wood.

TENCEL™ Luxe: The new player for eco-couture fabrics
With the TENCEL™ Luxe filaments, Lenzing is a new supplier in the field of sustainable, cellulose fibers in the luxury segment of the fashion industry. These filaments provide exceptional aesthetics, performance and comfort. They can therefore be perfectly combined with other fabrics such as silk, cashmere and wool. The soft, smooth surface of the TENCEL™ Luxe filaments gives fabrics a silky feel and a flowing look that is ideal for sensual silhouettes. TENCEL™ Luxurious filaments are naturally breathable and provide excellent color fastness, allowing designers to use powerful color palettes and limit their creativity.

TENCEL™ Luxe: A new era of sustainable production
The lyocell filaments of the brand TENCEL™ Luxe are made from pulp. This is obtained from sustainable wood according to the strict guideline for the wood and pulp procurement of the Lenzing Group. The pioneering closed production cycle of lyocell fibers ensures minimal environmental impacts due to low water and energy consumption as well as the economical use of raw materials. This production circuit was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” of the European Union.

“We in the industry hold not only the leading role in protecting the environment but at the same time make filaments for substances ago that are particularly demanding consumers Intended for designs. The introduction of TENCEL™ Luxe is a sign of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, “explains Stefan Doboczky, CEO of the Lenzing Group. “Our expansion plans with this product reflect the next logical step in our derUmsetzung score TEN strategy and underline the orientation of Lenzing as a hub for research and development and engineering.”

TENCEL™ Luxe is another proof of the innovative power of the Lenzing Group. It opens new markets for the company as well as for customers and partners and enables the Lenzing Group to become part of the premium segment in the textile market. With TENCEL™ Luxe, Lenzing will support the luxury brands in the fashion industry, redefining the boundaries between sustainability and luxury. This is part of the ongoing commitment of the Lenzing Group to sustained innovations.

TENCEL™ Luxe is produced at the Lenzing site. In the coming years, the capacities will be further expanded. The technical plans for a large-scale plant for the production of TENCEL™ Luxer filaments, in which the system design will be further optimized, are already underway. Lenzing was chosen as the location for this production facility.

“The decision for Lenzing as a production location for TENCEL™ Luxe contributes to the establishment of a strong knowledge base for this new technology at the Group’s headquarters,” says Heiko Arnold, Chief Technology Officer of the Lenzing Group. “This is where we can fully exploit the proximity between research and development, operation, customer service and engineering, to accelerate the development of this technology on an industrial scale.” The actual construction of the new plant is to be decided upon in the third quarter of 2018 after completion of the planning of the engineering.

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