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MARZOTTO presents its new fall/winter 2020-2021 range


 A mosaic of tradition, elegance, research and sustainability: Marzotto returns to Milano Unica with a collection which, in addition to featuring its great timeless classics, celebrates everyday life in all its nuances through products designed to anticipate an increasingly demanding and competitive future.

Performance and sustainability are the key words of the three standout collections – TOUCH 96, B-Dynamic and Organic Project- which Marzotto is bringing to the textile fair to meet the needs of a cosmopolitan man who is always on the go and very attentive to everything around him.    

Time is increasingly short in modern life and optimization is the common theme every day: at Milano Unica, Marzotto is taking on the challenge with a range of high-performance fabrics that can adapt to the needs of daily life. With the TOUCH 96 project,Marzotto is presenting a machine-washable 100% wool fabric that is particularly soft, does not become felted after washing and does not crease during use. A unique fabric used by Marzotto to create a range of wool shirts, combining natural comfort and technological innovation in a single fibre.

Performance is the basis of the lifestyle of the Marzotto man, who is constantly looking for products that adapt to his comfort needs and body, allowing him to move freely. The answer is the B-Dynamic collection, which Marzotto has developed thanks to natural stretch 100% wool high-performance fabrics, used for both the warp and weft.  B-Dynamic is a celebration of elegance that remains impeccable over time thanks to its unsurpassed anti-crease performance. An ideal fabric for the business world, designed for the needs of the cosmopolitan man. 

The daily responsibility that Marzotto constantly demonstrates towards the modern man in terms of comfort and style is finally completed with a careful look at everything that surrounds him: the theme of organic for sustainable development is the basis of the brand’s policy, as the CEO of Marzotto Wool Manufacturing, Giorgio Todesco, points out: “Commitment to a world that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly for future generations is fundamental for us, so we try to improve our production processes every day, from the selection of raw materials to the finished fabric.” Organic Project is a collection made in 100% wool and wool/cotton versions that testifies to the company’s commitment to protecting the local area’s biodiversity, to animal welfare and to raising awareness among all the actors in the production process. The goal is to respect the highest international environmental standards, whether mandatory or voluntary.

A very high-quality, eco-sustainable collection composed of fabrics certified by the most reliable international bodies. All the Organic Project fabrics are certified with the GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard, the most stringent international standard for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibres, RWS – Responsible Wool Standard, a voluntary certification that guarantees respect for the welfare and fundamental freedoms of animals, and Authentico, a voluntary ethical code that ensures the transparency of the whole production chain, connecting farmers to the entire supply chain.


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