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Ministry of Labour, employers and trade unions set priority action areas for Bangladesh until 2020


With the International Labor Organization (ILO), the government of Bangladesh, employers and workers organization will be working together towards creation of green jobs and promotion of social dialogue amongst the priorities.

DWCPs two main objectives include promotion of Decent Work as a key component of national development strategies along with organizing ILO knowledge, instruments, advocacy and cooperation at the service of government, employers and workers.

Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs) are the main vehicles for delivering ILO’s support to countries. Each DWCP is organized around a limited number of priorities and outcomes. The priorities for Bangladesh have been chosen on the basis of participatory assessment of current challenges through stakeholder consultations involving a wide range of constituents and other interested parties. These challenges include high unemployment rate among youth and especially among those with higher levels of education; high and stagnating income inequality; low productivity in some sectors; slow improvement in the Occupational Safety and Health situation and working conditions; as well as inadequate opportunity for social dialogue in Bangladesh.

To mitigate these challenges, the DWCP for Bangladesh focuses on four key areas which include skills development and green growth; promotion of safe and clean working environments; social dialogue between government, employers and workers; and social protection for all workers and vulnerable groups including protection against climate change.


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