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Simpler and smarter with Monforts at ITMA 2019


– Monforts will demonstrate a range of new advances made possible by Industry 4.0 techniques
– Introduction of the CYD multi-colour yarn dyeing system
-Further benefits and savings with the new Monforts MonforClean

Digital twin capability is now being made available on all Monforts machine ranges
The latest Montex stenter incorporating the latest Industry 4.0 features allows a further 13% reduction in energy consumption to be achieved

At stand D101 in Hall 2, visitors will discover the possibilities of ‘digital twin’ capability – now being made available for all Monforts machine systems – and that by exploiting the latest advanced sensor technology, comprehensive technical machine data can now be virtually mapped in the cloud in real time.

The data can be easily accessed using the new Monforts Smart Support and Smart Check apps for an instantaneous status overview. All specifications relating to machine performance and the production process can be mapped, to enable vastly simplified and targeted analysis for controlled planning and production. Insights harnessed from such analysis can be used to optimise the actual production process.

At the same time, potential sources of error can be anticipated and eliminated, enabling improved machine availability while considerably minimising downtime.

Parts prediction
In addition, the digital twin system provides information on the individual wear parts of a system, such as, for example, converters or gears.

On request, Monforts can also virtually monitor machine performance and pro-actively alert customers to the need for preventative action. In such cases, however, data is only ever called from the cloud by Monforts when customers have given their full consent, in the interests of data security. Data from Smart Check, for example, can even be used to analyse a system’s energy requirements, allowing machine operation to be optimised by tailoring production runs to the peaks and troughs of electricity costs.

Klaus A. Heinrichs. Vice President. Monforts.

“Operators and mill managers are informed by Smart Check sensors when maintenance or the replacement of key components will be required, well ahead of time. Direct access to the integrated Monforts webshop allows users to instantly order such parts when they are needed, virtually preventing machine downtime.”

Remote maintenance assistance

At present with Smart Support, customers can also contact Monforts service via smartphone or tablet, in order to access support on site via a remote visual link. Monforts service specialists can point out individual system parts on the customer’s smartphone and assist them in troubleshooting. Documents such as machine documentation can also be shown in real-time via white-board over a smartphone, tablet or office PC.

“The Monforts digital twin system and apps are being made available for all of our machine ranges going forward and will make the operations of our customers considerably smarter, and at the same time, simpler,” Mr Heinrichs concludes.

CYD technology integrates new functions and processes into the weaving preparatory processes
Direct beaming of the yarns prior to dyeing.

CYD multi-colour yarn dyeing system
A revolutionary new system for yarn dyeing based on the proven Econtrol® dyeing system for fabrics will be introduced at ITMA.

This latest CYD denim processing technology integrates new functions and processes into the weaving preparatory processes – spinning, direct beaming, warping and assembly beaming, followed by sizing and dyeing – in order to increase quality, flexibility, economic viability and productivity.

“Denim finishing is a field in which Monforts has an undisputed lead and we have been working closely with our many partners in the key denim manufacturing countries of China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil to develop new advanced solutions,” says Monforts Head of Denim Hans Gerhard Wroblowski. “The CYD system has been developed in response to a very strong market demand.”

The new CYD system is available for demonstrations and trials at the Monforts Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) in Mönchengladbach, Germany
Convincing results from the new CYD system

Econtrol® is a pad-dry process employed in Monforts continuous dyeing in which the reactive dyestuff is fixed to the cellulose fibres during drying and the CYD multi-colour yarn dyeing system introduces a number of new concepts based on it, including the unique Eco Bleach process.

This is the first bleaching system for yarn treatment available on the market and will be of particular interest to denim manufacturers.

The Eco Bleach system is combined with the washing units and the fabric is then dyed immediately, resulting in considerable savings in waste water and chemicals.

The most effective dyeing process for fabrics is now being applied for yarn dyeing and it is possible to process short batches of between 5-10,000 metres of yarn in order to produce 2-300 metres of fabrics in a single continuous process.

In its raw state, cotton has a light brownish/yellow tinge and bleaching is necessary to ensure its pure whiteness prior to dyeing. On conventional systems, this involves a separate process step, but with the CYD multi-colour yarn dyeing system it is now integrated into the Econtrol® process for full dyeing pre-treatment.

The patented Monforts Bionic Fin® slot sealing absolutely minimizes air leakage at the fabric inlet and outlet of the stenter chamber

Monforts MonforClean: Further benefits and savings
With the introduction of the new MonforClean exhaust air treatment system and other unique process innovations, Monforts has been able to further reduce the energy consumption of Montex stenters by a further 13%.

Exhaust air treatment on stenter frames has posed particular challenges over the years, since the air can contain significant amounts of oil, fibre and even wax particles that may see emissions limits being reached in the processing of certain fabrics, depending on the legal specifications.

In addressing this issue, Monforts is now incorporating the MonforClean module into the stenter frame, so there is no additional space requirement. At the same time, the costs for laborious secondary installations and the piping of the exhaust air treatment components, as well as supporting structures are eliminated due to the machine configuration.

The waste heat from the drying process is used to pre-heat the drying air, resulting in a radical reduction in the conventional heat supply required compared to gas and thermal oil heating. 

The further integration of an automatic exhaust air filter washing system automatically cleans the module elements, ensuring the consistent efficiency of both the filter and heat recovery modules.

Another challenge on a finishing line is exposure of the fabrics to ambient air at the stenter’s entrance and exit, which can also lead to a loss of energy. A new innovation here is in the form of advanced slot sealings based on a patented new flexible material in a configuration that draws on bionics – specifically the way the fins of fish will automatically steer a passage through water with endless, barely discernible movements.

Eco Applicator
Additional energy can be saved by installing a Monforts Eco Applicator in front of a Montex stenter, which can significantly minimise the application of finishing formulations required for specific treatments compared to a padder/foulard, resulting in a big reduction in the energy required for subsequent drying in the stenter and reducing the amount of residual liquor when draining the trough after the finishing process.

“The latest energy-optimised Monforts stenter frame – especially combined with a downstream Eco Applicator – sets new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and helps conserve resources,” says Klaus Heinrichs, Monforts Vice-President. “Setting the initial moisture content requirement for a specific process, before drying to a minimum value with an automated process, helps reduce heat evaporation and consequently, energy consumption.

“In total, the latest Monforts energy-optimised stenter frame will cut energy consumption by up to forty per cent compared to a conventional stenter equipped with no heat recovery or energy optimisation measures,” says Klaus Heinrichs. “We invite all existing and new customers who are looking to conserve resources and save long-term on costs in the energy-intensive drying process to come and talk with us at ITMA 2019. Thanks to a significant reduction in energy costs, they will discover that the investment costs in new Monforts installations pay off surprisingly quickly.”




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