Home News Mr Adil Bashir elected unopposed as Chairman APTMA Punjab

Mr Adil Bashir elected unopposed as Chairman APTMA Punjab


During the 2013/14 season, world cotton production is projected at 25.5 million tons, the lowest in four seasons, but world cotton mill use is expected to remain around 23.5 million tons with consumption shifting from China to other countries, notably India, Pakistan and Turkey. Production in both the United States and China are significantly less than last season due to unfavorable weather conditions and a decrease in planted area. Cotton plantings in the southern hemisphere start in large scale this month with approximately 2.7 million hectares projected to be planted with cotton this season, similar to 2012/13. However, higher yields are expected to result in an increase in South American production.

Mr Adil Bashir for APTMA has been elected unopposed as the Chairman. According to the election schedule, the election commission proclaimed that nobody filed nomination papers against Mr Adil Bashir for Chairman APTMA Punjab. For the central Executive Committee of APTMA, six Punjab members and five Sindh members have been elected. Mr Abdul Raheem Nasir, Mr Sharjeel Khalid and Mr Amir shah have also been elected as Senior Vice Chairman, Treasure for APTMA Punjab and Vice Chairman respectively.

The Group Leader of APTMA has congratulated the workplace bearers and unopposed members of the executive committee, mentioning that these members of the group have safely secured success consecutively for the tenth year. He has urged the newly-elected leadership to continue with their passion of serving the members, as herculean challenges lie ahead to be dealt with and rescue the textile industry from the crisis like state of affairs.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Adil Bashir, the newly elected Chairman APTMA Punjab has vowed to resolve the textile industry issues by guaranteeing practical liaison with the Govt. He thanked the membership for reposing their confidence in him and let him serve the textile industry.


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