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M&S-Eurostop’s EPOS system in Hong Kong

EPOS System

A leading retail firm, M&S International announced that Hong Kong and Macau stores of the firm have installed a new EPOS system comprising of advanced promotions and discount capability, real-time sales data, and mobile printing of reduced labels, by Eurostop, provider of solutions for retail management for the fashion, footwear, and general merchandise sectors. 

The steps were taken, considering the needs of up-to-date information in the SAP International stock and sales system. The aim is to empower the large volumes of items in the stores and also to meet the live reporting needs for a real-time business decision, in accordance with the store performance.

The Eurostop was selected for its ability to meet the promotional capability, loyalty and real-time sales and reporting demands that were required to provide a more streamlined employee and customer experience. Eurostop’s understanding of local culture and established presence in the area – along with proven ability to effectively consume M&S’ ISAP product master data – made Eurostop the chosen supplier. With access to Eurostop’s experienced in-house development teams, M&S also commissioned the software vendor to complete a series of additional bespoke front end functionality and integration enhancements to further strengthen the benefits of the new POS. 

The solution provides the M&S with advanced features including automation of complex promotions and fast keys to handle additional items, such as vouchers or plastic bags. Promotions are set up in the central system and can then be transferred automatically to the stores. In addition, Eurostop has built a three-stage authorization process ensuring that the promotional offers are approved by the buyers and management team before going live for increased security. 

This is a ‘one system’ approach that helps the management reports to cover all areas. Real-time web reports are viewable on desktop, tablet, and mobile, so store and area managers can keep track of department sales at any time of the day from any location.



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